The practical course covers the operation, maintenance, and basic repair of a modern marine diesel engine on board your own boat.

The RYA Diesel Engine course is designed to teach yachtsmen to be more self-sufficient. The one-day course teaches the principles of diesel engine operation, the systems and parts of the engine, fault finding and rectification of common problems, routine maintenance, and winter lay-up procedures.

You will have the chance to see exactly how a diesel engine works by way of a cut away demonstration engine as well as get some real hands-on experience with a real engine on a yacht.

This course is a must for all yachtsmen – a sound knowledge of diesel engines may not just save you money – it may one day save your life!

At the completion of the course, you will be awarded the RYA Diesel Engine Course Certificate.

Pre Course Experience
Assuemed Knowledge
Minimum Duration
Minimum Age
Course Content
One Day
The principles of diesel engine operation, systems and parts of the engine, fault finding, rectification of common problems, bleeding the fuel system, changing the impeller, routine maintenance, winter layup procedures