Online through RYA Interactive with one to one support, this interactive course is an ICC endorsement for the European Inland Waterways.

The CEVNI test is a multiple choice paper on the various rules and signs seen on inland waterways. It is required if you are sailing the internal waterways of Europe. The knowledge required for this test can be best learnt by purchasing the RYA book of European Waterway Regulations (G17).

The course / test can all be completed online then added as an endorsement to your ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

Please note that this certificate can only be awarded to UK citizens or permanent residents.

Pre course experience
Assumed knowledge
Minimum duration
Minimum age
Course content
After course ability
None but advised to have ICC
None but advised to have ICC
Approximately half day learning with 30 min exam
16 years
European Inland Waterways – Symbols and rules
ICC validated for inland waterways